What Is PS Vita Memory Card And What Is Its Purpose?

ps vita memory card
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Video games have been a matter of excitement to the gamers, for a long time now. There has always been much hype regarding video games among the game buffs. So, Game buffs, today in through article you can recapitulate your knowledge of PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) and PS Vita memory card. So, let’s get started.

What is PlayStation Vita?

PS Vita memory card

We all know that PlayStation is a gaming device developed by Sony. But do we know about PlayStation Vita? Let’s sharp up your knowledge a bit.

PlayStation Vita is a small, portable game console. Such game consoles primarily contain a screen, game control buttons, and speakers. They are small in size and can be carried anywhere according to your convenience.

PlayStation Vita is one such game console, but definitely a far developed one. Sony Computer Entertainment released the first PS Vita in 2011.

The initial version of PS Vita contained a 5-inch OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) touchscreen and two game control buttons or joysticks. It also supported Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Revised versions of PS Vita released in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Their features were almost similar to the older version, only the OLED screen was replaced by an LCD screen and they were smaller and slimmer in size with better battery life.

Clearly, the key purpose of these gaming devices is enhancing your gaming experience.

Now, in order to enjoy some smooth and swift gaming on your PlayStation Vita, you need a few types of removable media (like memory cards). They might not be compulsory requirements, but they would surely let you explore your gaming options. One such removable media is a PS Vita memory card.

In the following table, I am mentioning the specifications of the model number PCH-2000, coming from the PS Vita 2000 series. Take a look.


                      CPU ARM Cortex A-9 Core
                        GPU SGX543MP4+
                Main Memory 512MB
                   VRAM 1280MB
                   Weight 219g (Approx)
                    Screen 5 inches, LCD
                   Cameras Front Camera, Rear Camera
                    Sound Built-in Stereo speakers

Built-in microphone

                   Location Wi-Fi location service support
                 Key Switches PS button, power button, directional buttons, action buttons, START button, SELECT button, volume buttons
            Internal Memory Card 1 GB
                     Power DC 3.7V 2210mAH

AC adaptor DC 5V


Why Do You Need A Memory Card For Your PS Vita?

As I have discussed in the previous section, you can use a PS Vita without a memory card. But from the specifications, it is quite clear that this device lacks in terms of memory. So, without a memory card around, where would you keep your downloaded contents? So, you understood the need for a PS Vita memory card, right?

Does PS Vita Come With a PS Vita memory card?

The answer to this question is, NO. If you take a look at the PCH-1000 i.e. the original Vita, and the PCH-2000, i.e. the developed mode of PS Vita, you’ll see that none of these models come with a PS Vita memory card. Though PCH-2000 comes with 1 GB of internal memory, but that’s not enough for any game freak, right?

Different Types Of PS Vita Memory Cards

Following are the different types PS Vita memory cards, which you can use on your PS Vita:

PS Vita Memory Card
Vita memory card
PS Vita memory card a must have for the game buffs

You can use a PS Vita memory card to save your downloaded games, game related data as well as your photos, music, videos, etc. You have to be cautious when you insert or remove the PS Vita memory card. It is strictly advised that you insert or remove it only when the power is off, otherwise you may face data loss. You also can’t use any kind of memory stick media in your system, while using the PS Vita memory card. Another twist of using the PS Vita memory card is, once you sign up for PlayStation network, your memory card will automatically be associated with your Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account. Thereafter, you can only use that particular memory card in devices, which are linked to that particular SEN account of yours.

PS Vita Card
PlayStation Vita memory card
Explore your gaming options by using a PS Vita game card

The PS Vita card is designed to store games. It can also be called a game card. Some PS Vita cards can store the game data and add-on data for some specific games as well. Your PS Vita card will have a special code depending on the country you live in. Much like the PS Vita memory card, if you remove the PS Vita card without switching off your device, you might face data loss.

SIM Card
PS Vita memory card

If your PS Vita supports 3G network, then you can use a SIM card to access the mobile network. Alternatively, if it supports Wi-Fi connectivity, you can use this device without a SIM card as well.

The Same caution goes for your SIM card. Don’t insert or remove it without turning off your device.

 What Type Of Files Does Your PS Vita Support?

PS Vita might be a gaming device primarily, but it has some other exciting features as well. Like, you can see images, listen to music and watch videos on this multimedia device. In fact you can access social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. from your PS Vita device. But to enjoy these features, you must know which file types your device supports.

Like for images, it supports JPG or JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and BMP.

For music, it supports, MP3, MP4, and WAV.

And for videos, it supports MPEG-4.

So, are your doubts clear regarding a PlayStation Vita and PS Vita memory card? Are you planning to buy one?

Let me know through your feedbacks.

Till then, Happy Gaming!