How to Enable Windows 10 Remote Assistance to Troubleshoot Your Friend’s PC

Remote Assistance Windows 10
By Suman Ghosal Updated

Microsoft added a number of additional features to its latest “Anniversary Update” version Windows 10. Windows 10 Remote Assistance or the Quick Assist App is eventually the best gift to the users. Though there is a plenty of third-party application such as LogMeIn, AeroAdmin, WinVNC, Teamviewer which allows making it done, but the real-time experience with built-in Quick Assistance in Windows 10 is really very awesome and handy to the user.

Basically, it allows you to promote someone to take over the control of your computer and lets him fix your problem anytime from anywhere. Meanwhile, you can also become the Tech supporter or a professional geek to solve the other`s problem even for your friends and family. And from now, you can make it true with the default application provided by the Windows operating system; no longer need to use any third-party tools to do that.


Windows 10 put the best security as well as the important key features into their Quick Assist application. If you and the person who allows you to get into his/her control panel have a like built-in Quick Assistance app and if he/she grant you to access the Computer and again if you have a strong internet connection, then you are ready to go.

I have a serious Blue screen Unmountable Boot Volume Problem. I can`t fix it up over the phone! No computer buddy is here to make it normal, what I have to do?

So, you need a Quick Assistance from online support. In order to get the support, you have to grant someone who you trust very much. You have to allow the person to get into your PC to fix it up. Now, I am going to tell you the step by step information how to enable the Quick Assist in your windows 10.

Ways to Enable Windows 10 Remote Assistance

Since the windows 10 allows the user to take over the control of a different computer over the internet, but now you can also allow someone to fix your problem for your Windows 7, Windows 8 device. So, there I am going to divide my articles into two different phases, one for the case if both the user use windows 10 and another for those who use a different version of windows. Let’s jump to the topic.

If both of you have windows 10 – Quick Assist

If you and your tech expert or the person you have to take over to fix his/her problem up have the same configuration of Windows 10 then follow the steps below.

1)How to allow someone remote Desktop assistance in windows 10

If you want to use the windows 10 remote assistance, initially, you have to set it in your PC, to skip the error message “this computer is not set up to send invitation ” and it will ask for your confirmation. So let’s set up remote assistance first

  • Go to the control panel and head to the search bar
Control Panel - Windows 10 Remote Assistance
Open Control Panel
  • Search for “remote”
Search Remote - Remote Assistance Windows 10
Search Remote on the Search Bar
  • Select “Allow remote access to your computer”
Allow Remote Access - Windows 10 Remote Assistance
Click on Allow Remote Access to Your Computer
  • Tick the box mentioned the prompt “Allow remote assistance to your computer”
Tick on Allow Remote Connection - Windows 10 Remote Assistance
Tick on Allow Remote connection
  • Now you successfully allow your device to be accessible via Quick remote Assistance windows

How to send invitation to remote assistance application of windows 10

Now it`s time to invite someone to access your system to find out and kill the trouble you faced badly. Here the steps to send an invite remote assistance program in windows 10.

  • Press “Windows Key +R” to open the Run Command prompt.


  • Now write “msra” to the run box and click enter.
Write 'msra' on Command Prompt - Remote Assistance Windows 10
Write 'msra' on Command Prompt
  • Click on the first option comes as “Invite someone you trust to help you”
Click Invite someone you trust to help you - Windows 10 Remote Assistance
Click on "Invite someone you trust to help you"
  • In the next pop-up screen, you can see two different option named as ‘Save this invitation as a file’ and ‘Use Easy connect’
Windows 10 Remote Assistance
Save options for Remote Assistance Windows 10

Option 1 – Use an Invitation File

  • First click on the “save this invitation as a file” that arise on the last pop-up screen.
Click on 'Save this invitation as a file' - Windows 10 Remote Assistance
Click on 'Save this invitation as a file'
  • Save the invitation file to your personal document directory
Save File to Document Directory - Remote Assistance Windows 10
Save File to Document Directory
  • Attach the very file to the email compose box and send it to the concerned
  • You have to wait to be connected with the quick assist application still the email receiver click on the link from his/her computer.

Option 2 –use easy connect

  • To enable it you have to click on the “Easy Connect” option
Easy Connect - Windows 10 Remote Assistance
Select Easy Connect
  • You will get your password in the next pop-up Window
Get password to share - Windows 10 Remote Assistance
You will get your password in the box vacant here
  • Give it to the concern person/partner whom you trust to access your PC.

Steps to accept an invite to Windows 10 Remote Assistance

  • First, download the attachment sent by your partner from your PC
  • Open the attachment
  • Click on the invitation link comes open to the next pop-up menu.
  • Head to the downloaded attachment and connect to your partner`s computer.
  • In order to enable an easy connect just click on the “easy connect” and use the password provided by your friends.

If both or one of you have Windows 7 or Windows 8:

Windows 10 is the best operating system compared to all the versions released till now. But if you have the old version such as Windows 7 or Windows 8, unfortunately, there is no option to enjoy the Quick Assist application. But special thanks to the Microsoft, still it allows the old-version-user to access other`s system simply by using the old but gold Windows Remote Assistance tool built in with the system operating system.

So, I think it comes very easy to you to give or take the access of a device with Windows 10 Remote Assistance built-in application. Eventually, it allows the user to promote the other`s PC as well as gives the chance to virtually fix a real computer problem. Read the articles, command us, shear, and don`t forget to tell us about your idea on the topic. Stay tuned, Baa Bye!

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