8 WordPress Admin Themes to Rebrand the Backend

WordPress Admin Themes
By Tapas Pal Updated

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system on the web around 80 million sites depend on WordPress. Undoubtedly the most important feature that set WordPress apart from other CMS is their plugin. It has 30 thousand plugins and growing daily. These plugins extend its functionality and enable to perform various function in few seconds. It build upon the WordPress core you can download the software from wordpress.org

Why Use A WordPress Admin Themes?

Admin theme gives you the branded feel as it enable to customize the experience. It is a great way to help differentiate yourself from other WordPress sites. If you are developing a WordPress site for your clients or for your own projects it simplified the feel look and interface to make it more intuitive.

In this article, we have tested some of admin themes that really looks great and give a unique customizable visual experience to your WordPress backend.

How to install WordPress Admin Themes

Admin theme is not like a regular front-end theme and it has no relationship with your front end. Admin theme main goal is to make WordPress backend more clean and intuitive. As they are not themes but plugins so you will found them under plugin directory and, therefore, need to install like you do for new plugin.
Be careful at the time of installing don’t activate more than one theme otherwise dashboard looks annoying with some Php errors.
Before installing the admin theme Set the Admin Colour Scheme to default under Users> your profile admin menu. You can install admin themes as regular plugins.

1. Material Admin Theme

material admin theme

Material Design is a sensory expression of Google’s brand and if you are a fan of Google’s new stunning material design than this Blue Material Admin Theme is the best choice for you, this eye-pleasing theme delivers better color contrast, aesthetically sublime typography and a modern look than the default WordPress dashboard. It makes your WordPress backend more luxurious.

2. Fancy Admin UI

fancy WordPress Admin Themes

If you want to give your backend a customized color as your theme accent color than this Fancy Admin UI is a good choice. The Fancy Admin UI Looks very clean modern and fresh. And elegant way to create branded admin for WordPress especially when using it as a CMS for clients it uses the minimal resources consumption it avoids the bloat of other similar plugins as well as plays well with other plugins you can Customize your colors by visiting Settings > General.

3. Slate Admin Theme

slate admin theme

If you are running a blog or developing a blog for your client than Slate Admin is the best choice.  Give them a try as it improves the content writing experience on WordPress site Slate provides a clean, simplified design for your WordPress Admin area. It also makes the Top admin bar simple and elegant and easy to navigate as well as its color scheme differentiate it from vertical admin menu.

4. Blue Admin

blue admin

Blue Admin is a simple basic admin theme its design makes WordPress administration more clear and relaxed. Its fluid drop-down effect is very intuitive and also allow you to enable or disable custom Admin bar menus. Moreover, you can add your own links to WordPress Admin bar or toolbar.

5. Admin Color Schemer

admin color schemer

Admin color Schemer gives great color control over your admin theme. You can create an unlimited number of color combinations with easy to use interface you can control the base color, icon color, highlight color and notification color of your WordPress backend easily. To customized go in the WordPress admin under the Tools menu, you will find option Admin Color.

6.Tamed Admin

tamed admin

Tamed Admin Theme aims to transform your WordPress backend into a calmer, clean and altogether better place to work. This Minimalist admin theme uses very good combination of color scheme to full fill it’s define principle calm and it doesn’t change things such that it makes it difficult to find things.

7.SHIFT Short WP Admin Theme

SHIFT Short WP Admin Theme

If you Love flat design and want to give your WordPress backend this two-dimensional skin than WP flat admin will full fill your need its clean flat bright color gives a modern look to your dashboard.

8.OT Admin Theme

OT Admin Theme

The OT Admin Theme enable color control option through which you can change the color of your WordPress dashboard on your own. It gives multiple options like theme color, Set Admin Menu text color, Admin Menu Active Color and Admin Menu active Background color. After active the plugin, just go to “OT Admin Theme” from the left menu bar of Admin Area for those option.