How to Access Yahoo Mail Proxy by Using A Proxy Server

Yahoo Mail Proxy

Yahoo! is one of the most popular multinational portal which offers news, entertainment content, e-mailing service and many other services over the globe. It is very essential for workplaces like multinational companies, online business provider, academic institutions and much more who limit the users to access to a different website in order to protect their users or staffs or students away from unwanted distraction. It’s a regular privacy process of every workplace to increase their productivity. As a result the service of Yahoo is frequently blocked on the local networks together with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail and the other similar local services. But there are a plenty of reasons you want to access a Yahoo mail address by using a Yahoo mail proxy server. So the question is how to open Yahoo mail proxy?

Why you can`t access Yahoo?

The anonymous proxy server offers an additional surface of web security and privacy to keep the data protected from the peeping eyes. If you want to Log in to your Yahoo account on a public workplace or at your college/school library for any important and urgent issue, you definitely need to bypass the restriction.

What is proxy Service?

yahoo mail proxy

Actually, the proxy works just like an intermediary medium which provides a point to point network connection between the user and the target location of the internet. When you try to connect to the internet, your IP address is usually detected by the local server. And it stops you to connect with the internet. Immediately your device data is becoming accessible and easily interceptable to the Blackhat Hackers or the identity hijackers. What the Yahoo mail proxy servers do exactly, it will hide your IP address from the website that you want to enter into. And you can easily use your device to connecting with the internet without being identified by the restriction protocol.

Though it sounds very hard dealing with the terms like proxy, server, IP address etc for the non-technical peoples, but it’s very easy and quick process to make it true. Follow the simple tricks and tips for personal use of your Yahoo mail.

How to securely bypass Yahoo mail proxy restriction

There are some different ways to enable the Yahoo mail proxy server to access your mailing address personally. Today I told you such 2 different ways. One is –using web proxy server software, and in other hands –without using any Yahoo mail proxy software.

With the help of a (web proxy service) software

  1. First, you have to launch a web browser and navigate to a web proxy server. There are a several numbers of free/paid anonymous proxy service available on the internet that helps to access the Yahoo mail privately. I personally suggest you some of the popular web proxy server software or online proxy service provider`s site like Web4Proxy, PrixyWebsite, ProxyEasy, UltraStuf Proxy etc. you can also search for more simply writing Free proxy service on Google.
  2. Now open the proxy service. You can install a free proxy service providing application on your computer. Or you can also use an online proxy service browser extension to your internet browser. Choose any of those and after successful installation of proxy service open it into your browser.
  3. Type or insert the URL that you wants to visit. To access the Yahoo mail, type “” . The Yahoo homepage will be open into the proxy service`s website. In case you use a Yahoo mail proxy service application, you have to enter “” in the search bar.
  4. Log in to your existing Yahoo mail address or click on the “Sign in” box to make a new Yahoo account.
  5. Now you can access your Yahoo mail personally via the proxy server without identifying yourself to the restriction system and the identity Hackers.

Without using any Yahoo mail proxy software

Now you don`t want to allow any third-party software or online proxy service to protect your Yahoo mail. You can simply get your IP address and Ports. There you can follow the simple steps below-

yahoo mail proxy
  1. First, you have to go on the site “
  2. Click on the “IP:Port Proxies” on the upper Menu bar.
  3. It will show you a list of active Proxy Address and the Ports currently accessible from some different countries along with their connection times.
  4. Copy any IP address and the corresponding Port.
  5. Paste it into your web browser Proxy settings.
  6. Click on the “Ok” button and save the change to the port.
  7. Now you can enjoy a restriction free privet internet surfing as well as your Yahoo email automatically.

Note:- Proxy service may slow your internet surfing experience. It always slows down the speed of web browsing. So turn the proxy service off after you successfully logged into your Yahoo account.

Many of the workplaces restrict the Yahoo mail to protect their services from unwanted disturbance to their staffs/students/employees. But sometimes it is very very urgent to open some personal and important notification without being identified. So proxy service is very useful service to keep the privacy of the people privet. So I think this article become more interesting to you. Please tell me your views and additional ideas on the topic. Stay tuned. Baa bye.



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