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Torrent sites are the most popular sites for downloading the TV shows, latest movies, and the videos across the globe. Now when you come to download any latest videos from the internet you might face some troubles related to the downloading and sometimes the very movie you are searching is not available for free download. But, torrent allows you to save each and every file on your device. That`s the reason behind the craziness of torrent sites. Now Yifytorrent is the level best movie release group developed in 2010.

Quality is the first thing that this site offers to the users and you can also choose from 720p, 1080p and blue ray formats with minimal drainage of your data plan. And about the video content quality, speed, I definitely recommend you Yifitorent. It allows the users to search and find the movies that they want to download and they also allow the users to search the latest movies as well as the old movies.

But there is a serious problem. The way it lets you browse all of the latest movies through their website is not legal, and sometimes it breaks the government rules and regulations related to delivering pirated movies. Some internet agencies, private video content publishing companies, ISP and the government of some countries have already blocked this.  But the quality and the downloading speed it provides is just beyond awesome.

Probably it becomes the habit of some people to download everything from Yifitorrent. In order to make it true, you are here to get an interesting article.  Today we bring you to the most available and workable proxy or the mirror server to download your favorite movies from Yify without any problem. Let’s jump to the topic.

All about the Yifytorrent org –proxy/mirror server to unblock Yifitorrent org movies


Streaming videos online is the trend these days, and there are a number of online streaming websites like PopcornTv,  ovguide,  watch2gather. But everyone has a basic need to keep their favorite movies with them all the time. Yifi torent.org allows the users to download high quality (HD) movies attached with the every available in filters like IMDB rating, year of release etc. Presently, they have 10 staff members and a huge cloud store to download links as well as the video files.

Why I need the YIFI proxy or the mirror sites to unblock?

Nowadays, Yifitorrent is blocked by several companies and governments of some countries for the reason of server copy-write protocol. So if you are unable to unblock the official site Yifi-torrent.org from your web-browser, probably because it has been terminated. So what you need is to active the Yifitorrent. Proxy is online/offline third-party authority or a cloud server that allows the users to browse Yifi-torrent.org anonymously without concerning them that you’re using the restricted website. You can also read our articles about a complete detail of online or offline proxy Here.

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By allowing a proxy server, you can hide your IP address, and the government might not be able to trace you that you are using the forbidden sites. It’s just like a bypass filtering system for your computer which allows you to access the Yifytorrent.

List of 22 Yifytorrent movies proxy server to browse YIFY anonymously

Here I make a list of all available proxy server/mirror sites to bypass a restriction:

No. Yify proxy/mirror server              Speed              Status
    1  https://www.yifytorrent.xyz/             Very Fast             Online
    2  Yify Torrent proxy 1                  Fast             Online
    3  Yify Torrent proxy 2                   Fast             Online
    4  https://yts.unblocked.pub/              Very Fast             Online
    5  https://yts.ag/              Very Fast             Online
    6 https://yifymovies.me/              Very Fast             Online
    7  https://yts.gs/              Very Fast              Online
    8  Yify Movies Mirror Site                   Fast              Online
    9  http://www.yify-torrent.org/              Very Fast               Online
    10  https://yts.unblocked.team/              Very Fast               Online
    11 http://www.yify-movies.net              Very Fast               Online
    12 https://yts.sc/                   Fast               Online
    13 https://yts.sc/                   Fast               Online
    14 YTS Proxy Server                  Slow               Online
    15 YIFY Movies Proxy                  Slow               Online
    16 http://yify.live/                   Fast               Online
    17 https://yts.unlockproj.club/                Normal               Online
    18 YTS Movies Proxy                  Slow               Online
    19 YIFY Torrent Proxy                Normal               Online
    20 https://yify-torrent.unblocked.gold               Very Fast               Off-line
    21 https://yify-torrent.immunicity.gold               Very Fast               Off-line
    22 https://yify-torrent.bypassed.gold               Very Fast               Off-line

So, this was our article to help you find a good proxy server for unblocking the Yifytorrent. If you are still facing some problems to access the Yify TV on your web browser, you should try an offline/online proxy service providing software or the proxy server. Alternatively, you can buy a paid version of HideMyAss VPN service to unblock Yify-torent.org successfully. However, you can try VPN apps to unblock any site in any restricted area.

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It helps you to bypass the country as well as the web restriction. But you have to remember, the Online VPN service has the allowance to encrypt all of your web traffic. But you can easily download any movie or video content by using a simple proxy service that I have provided on the top. Enjoy your movies. Share it with your friends, keep in touch with us.

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